Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
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2002-10-14 06:36:50 (UTC)


Thanks for clicking.
Now, picture this:

You are out with a few friends one night and you happen to
meet this great-seeming guy through a friend-of-a- talk, he's sweet, funny, seems intelligent,
you've got a few things in're really starting
to like him. So, you exchange numbers and whatever, you're
definately going to see him again, you just KNOW it...then
you find out he's ten years older than you. And you're only
21, which makes him 31...and that's quite a gap when you're

So you go out with him, you spend about 7 hours with the
guy, you have dinner, a movie, some drinks...go back to his
place, watch tv, make out a bit....and the next night, you
spend two hours on the phone with him. He really seems like
your kinda guy.

~But, he's still ten years older than you...and that IS a
lot when you're 21. Isn't it?

~But, you think you really like him. So, the age thing
SHOULDN'T make a difference. Right?

What do you think? Please send me some feedback if you
have an opinion and/or insight on this kind of situation.


So, yeah...that's my story right now. This guy ViC is
WAYYYYYYY older than me, but he doesn't look it (I was
really surprised by his age, let me tell you) and we seem
to be on the same level about most things. He's really
sweet, not like sticky-fake sweet, but gentleman like and
honest seeming. We talked ALL night last night,2 hours
tonight...says he'll call tomorrow....wants to get together
soon but seems cool about me not knowing when I can, due to
work...he just comes across as my type of guy.

Tonight I got another call from a different guy, this guy
B who I also met that night. He didn't really stick out in
my mind though, I didn't expect him to call, but he did and
just asked me to come out and smoke a joint with
him....hmmmmmm......see, he's a year YOUNGER than me,
that's what guys my age seem to do......they wait the 72
hours or whatever the rule is to call you and then ask you
to smoke a joint with them......I told him I'd give him a
call tomorrow but after talking to V again I'm starting to
wonder if I even want to bother with a little puppy lol.
Nah, I think I'll give him a slight chance, invite him for
coffee or something, but I don't think I'm all that

I like V. So I think I've answered my own question, but
I'd still like some feedback, if you will ;) Thanks!
~love ridden