~*~Day Dreamer~*~

Shitty Life Of A Teen
2001-08-03 06:59:38 (UTC)


well doday was an ok day, i dint get up till about 3pm
but i went to bed at 6am. today i wasnt sick wow thats a
suprised. im always sick. i got an e-mail from someone i
dont know who the hell she was but she knew my name and
everthing. well right now its only 11:55pm and its a full
moon out and its bright. oh yeah before io forget to add
thiss somewere more south in oregon a rock fell from the
sky, they dont know where it came from but they are testing
it. and this guuy on the news got a big nail in his eye and
it had his eyelid shut,his frised that he was working with
had a nail gun and missed. i was talking to teddi and she
was watching the same thing i said that he probley told him
to stand aginst the door and to see if he could miss his
head, she dint find it to funny, cause when we lived in
grants pass she was baby sitting for this girl. she had a
blow gun and she told her son josh to go atnd aginst the
door and she would see if she could miis his head, well she
shot him in the ear it was so fucking funny. yeah well i
got to go im watching "little nicky" its a lame ass movie
but some of its funny see ya