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2002-10-14 05:52:35 (UTC)

The Village Bicyle aka Community Mattress

ok...........let me catch you up...........I went home, got
reminded of why I left, came back, it took me 30 hours to
get home, and I drove back same day and squeezed an 18 hour
drive into 17 with two and a half hours of sleep. I didn't
sleep until last night when I feel asleep on the phone when
I was talking to Chris :$, Sowwy babe. Before I passed
out, I went out to a sex shop we looked around, we went in
cuz we were curious. They've got a back rooms, in the
first one, they've got a vid playin' and it's like a
theatre, and ppl just basically do what they want, and
behind that they've got "Private" rooms. I purchased
a "Glow in the Dark, Multi-Speed Stimulator" Today, I
lounged around, did pretty much nothing except get cleaned
up, and got out of a relationship, I considered it over for
a while now, but now it's final. Just to aid the venting
Process I'll let ya know what happend. A long time ago,
about a month and a half or so, I was approached by this
seemingly sweet soon-to-be jarhead. I had feelings for
him, and I assume he had them for me, seeing as how he got
upset, but I'll reveal all the details to ya in the
following..............About a week after we were in our
relationship, this prick told me he had joined the Marines
and was going to leave me for 16 weeks. So he did, I
promised I would wait for him. About 2-3 weeks later, his
girlfriend signs onto his passport. :O *gasp* :O, me
feeling betrayed, and pretty much felt like his boy toy, I
dont' know, u might even say I was just his bitch......yeah
that works. I was his bitch, and so....I decided well,
he's not the only one that can do fool around. I started
talking to someone else, and at first it was just to piss
him off, and I was really loud about it, but I ended up
falling for this guy. Being the Sweetest guy in the world,
I feel that by him being in a relationship with me the
slut, I am going to hurt him. I really don't want to do
that. he cheated on me, I cheated on him
(that prick the Jarhead) He comes back home due to a death
in the family, and some little bird told him about what
I've been up to. He confronted me about being with "all
kinds of guys", I asked him about his girlfriend, he told
me he was mad, I told him I was mad too, so.....he told me
to fuck off, and That is EXACTLY what I'm gonna do! "Fuck
off" So...........who's first? Oh wait.....I've already
got someone to go fuck off to.......and he's got his
girl "tank" to have his fun wif her "azz"
so.....Everythings all gravy, I've got it all smuvved.
This entry was gonna be a life story entry, but all this
came up, and I felt it held priority over that life story next time. That's one less
skeleton out of my closet. hmmmmmmmm.........who needs a
man when you've got a "Multi-Speed Stimulator", that won't
give me any drama til the batteries are dead, but I can
always get new ones, til I get rechargable ones. :-)