It smells like poop over here
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2002-10-14 05:51:41 (UTC)

her eyes were hazel,

her name was mable, i kissed her once and now im able, to
walk a mile, crack a smile..." goldfinger, "mable" she's
the bomb.
my brother came home yesterday, it's ok, he's leaving
again in like 3 days. he's never gonna move up to
marquette, he's never going back to college. i picked him
up at the bus station. he was supposed to get in at 12:30,
he called me to say they were running late, and he wouldn't
be in till like 1:15, so get there at like 1. he get's
there at 2. not his fault though. i was talking to this
dude roosevelt, he's got a 10 month old baby, he's making a
rap CD, i bought him a pint of remy, a pack of newports and
he bought me a pint of skyy. good guy, he's "got nothing
but love for me." i jus did it cause i was feeling generous
and he was cool.
i've gotta go to school tomorrow, and i have to go. no
more skipping to sleep. i have a project due in TV on
wednesday. so i've gotta edit that tomorrow, if i remember
how to linear edit. which i never did learn till the other
day, but i didn't pay much attention so i just might be
fucking myself in the ass. but this time next week, i won't
remember that anyway. im gonna finish my state app tonight
and send it off tomorrow morning. then i gotta get some
coffee at the sunoco. what else? ah fuck it, i dont' know.
fucking, im trying to look at porn and i keep getting
distracted by IM's, my mom and my bro. i cna't even write
in this. i fuckin hate people. peace.