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2001-08-03 06:57:41 (UTC)

August 2, 2001 -- WWF and D&D...who knew the similarities?!

Today's Thursday, so naturally I tuned in to watch WWF
Smackdown. Since the return of the Rock on Monday Night
RAW is WAR, I am now making it a point to watch "sports
entertainment" again tonight. As I observed to the one and
only Kinkay Sex Toy on AIM tonight, "Sweet Jesus, the Rock
and Chris Jericho are two fine hunks of man-meat!"

That is neither here nor there. He brought up a good
point. What the fuck is up with men addicted to
wrestling. Now, it's understandable why a chick would love
it so much *points up to her observations on the looks* but
for's a mystery. Ok scratch that -- for STRAIGHT
guys, it's a mystery. And I'm not talkin the 20 year old
guys I have the Psychology of Gender with or something like
that. I'm talkin about the 42 year old father of 3 who
knows all the wrestlers' real names and their
stats...basically the bio of every wrestler from WWF to the
now defunct WCW and ECW, and some even have the nerve to be
up on the wrestling leagues in Japan.

Fuck me if I'm wrong, but isn't that just like adults who
are addicted to Dungeons and Dragons? I mean, it's a
little weird and geeky to like it as a kid, but it's about
1000 times worse if you're wrapped up in it as an adult.
Think about it. My feelings about role playing games are
adequately summed up in a post that the one and only Chris
(aka Freddy25) made on PEG ( a while

OH MY GAWD!!! It's a dungeon master!!! Did you roll a 12
for stamina? You're still posting. Unfortunately for you,
you only rolled a 2 for intelligence. Does that make you an
ogre? You cant be a mage, because mages have to spell their
incantations. My advice: try to roll high for protection.

What do these groups of people have in common? They don't
get laid. Yes, that's what it all boils down to. So, if
you're past about 30 and a hardcore wrestling fan, don't
ponder why you're at home on a Monday (or Thursday or
Sunday) night watching sweaty, good-looking men grope each
other and toss each other around. The answer is that
you're either a closet homosexual or you rolled a 3 for Sex

Quote of the Day: "Face it -- you're a neo-maxi zoom
dweebie. What would you be doing if you weren't out making
yourself a better citizen?" ~ Judd Nelson, "Breakfast Club"