A Cavalier Looks At 27
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2002-10-14 05:44:28 (UTC)

October 13, 2002

Last night I slept with an angel. Jenny and I went to the
blue moon coffee house and listened to two folk musicians.
I normally would not have enjoyed it, but I was with a very
special girl. I love Jenny and cherrish every second I get
to spend with her. Last night I set a test for myself. We
have, at least from my point of view, always had a very
exciting and active sexual aspect since we've been dating.
Last night I made no moves and just made an effort to
snuggle up close to her. I needed to know that there was
more to the relationship than sex. I knew there was, but I
needed to know for sure at the same time. We sat on the
couch and I rubbed her foot as we talked for hours. We
went into the bedroom, stripped down adn held each other.
Nothing more. What was so exciting for me was that I was
truly happy to hold this girl. I did not need to be
sexually active with her to enjoy the night. There was
truly no better place in my mind tht I could be. I have
been so happy today, because I know that I love Jenny for
who she is and for who I am when we are together.