kurt is the man

this is my life
2001-08-03 06:51:55 (UTC)

starting off

well i started this new jornal about a week ago and i felt
i needed a new name. so here i am with my new one. heres a
little bit about myself. i am a junior, i like the sports
hockey and skateboarding.i am 15 years old turning 16 on
the 8th though.i have been learning to play the guitar, im
workin a good song but its pretty hard to play , most of ya
know it cause its one of the best. " Smells Like Teen
Spirit" i want to follow in kurts footsteps except for the
whole suicide thingy. hes a legend to me and my whole
inspiration to play.well the other day i snapped my new
deck. i was pissed off but when i got home i got some good
news. my friend who was supposed to be moving away , well
she isnt, im pretty happy about that and so is she ( right
beth) . well thats about it for now ill keep in touch

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