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2002-10-14 04:43:00 (UTC)

sorry for my slacking

ok, yes, i have been slacking it a tad. it's been forever
since last i wrote and actually elaborated on this thing
they call my life, last night doesn't count. people actually
read this shit? you losers! but, hey me too... it's all
gravy. life has been treating me quite well lately... it is
rather strange how great things are right now. oh well...
no complaints.

got into another fight with the ex - boyfriend last night.
this one was brutal. hardcore name calling and the
works. apparently i am a controling caniving bitch.
among other insults. i don't know why, but i am deeply
hurt by this. it's made me re - evaluate things more
closely. over - analyzing every detail.

oh well... no worries, right? oh of course... i spent all of
today with bo. oh golly, just being with her makes me
so happy... this is all so new to me. it is so much more
than the non - existance of a boy here. it's an entirely
different ball - game. america's past time, eh? oh
golly... haha! do you believe in magic? i don't know how
the rest goes, but i sure do believe there is some kind
of crazy magic there.

i feel like such a bad friend. apparently lauren is feeling
all put - out. i don't know why. i think it may have
something to do with the cubby - move. but i see her
more than cubbies... she switched out of our van today
so she could go talk to foley... 10 seconds later andrew
slade left too... quite frankly that hurt. i wish i could
make things better between us.

oh well, perhaps i can only do so much... that's all i've
got for you tonight.