Mind of a Wierdo
2001-08-03 06:04:08 (UTC)

The Sun still shines and the Wind still blows

What is with the weather? Hehehe. Okay me. Uhhhh .... woke
up and went straight to cleaning. Woo Hoo. What fun. NOT.
Okay fine I do find some enjoyment in it only because I
have nothing better to do. SORRY! Okay I got a call from
Pablo (aka Pinky or Moron) and we talked for some time. I
dont remember how long but we chatted. I finished cleaning
around 4 or so. Mind you I was cleaning since 11:30. And I
was cleaning my room. Not that a tornado passed or
anything. I mean ... uhhh. Well anywho .... I called up my
mom to pick me up and she did. So now I am here at my moms.
I didnt have anything to do here cus there really wasn't
anyone home so I went on the computer for a bit. Then
watched some tv. Around 9 or so my mom and I went to eat.
Late but o well. Then we got back and a couple minutes
after we got home, my sister and brother and my sisters
boyfriend got home. Now they are outside listening to my
cd 'Prodigy' and firing a few rounds of the BB gun. Other
then all that there is nothing more to
say ...................................................