2001-01-24 23:05:18 (UTC)

hi there ! It s late and I have..

hi there !

It's late and I have every intetion of going to bed very
soon, but I had to go in and say good night to my diary. In
my young days I always had a diary in which I wrote small
bits and pieces of my live as it went on. It all came to an
ending the day I found my husband reading my diary, after
which he made me explain and take his anger for the things
he didn't like in that diary. That book is on the bottom of
the Pacific Ocean, and since then I have never kept a
diary. This however is totally free for me to write in, and
even if I have made it public, you who read it will never
be able to confront me with the things I write. That gives
me a great feeling :-)

I really look forward to next weekend, I sleep badly and
therefore are sleepy all day long. Domestic work are well
forgotten and all I ever do is read and chatt on the
internet. Every one have one or two periodes like this in
the wintertime, and to my great surprise I am no different
from the rest *lol*

Reading is one of my favourite hobbies. I enjoy almost
everything, but horror and is far the best thing.
Stephen King and Dean R. Koonz can take me away for hours
and give me goosebumps of joy. I also like romantic
paperback stories, and buy Mills & Boon english books
whenever I can, they give me something to laugh at and
something to long for, love & happiness with a man u really
like !

Before I get too emotional I just say good night for now
and maby I will see you another time ?