All in the Night
2001-08-03 05:21:11 (UTC)

Life in black and white

Today was fairly uneventful...i worked a nice, short shift
only to be ditched by 2 of my firends. I however did call
Sarah and since Cory and Amber weren't home we decided ot
rent a dvd instead of going to karaoke. So Sarah came over
and we headed down to cj's to watch the movie...."Save the
Last Dance" is awesome. If only REAL life were that easy.
I mean i really like Andre (he asked me to go out tonight
and i regretfully declined), but my parents would never let
me date him, NEVER!!!!! Why does it always have to be a
black and white thing??? I mean if you see a white person
and a japanese person you think nothing of it, or if you see
a hispanic person and a black person you dont really think
about it, but everytime you see a black and white couple
together there will always be comments made. And i know
that if you do things to draw attention to yourself then
people are going to talk, but i thik that the world should
be seen in more than black and white...that's why God gave
us colors, right?! Anyways, i need to go and get some
sleep. I'm out.
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