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2002-10-14 03:27:25 (UTC)


Oh God am I ever bored!, Nikki's in Manitoba, Shauna's at
home....NOT TELLING ME WHO CHRIS IS...ass lol, today has
been a very boring day, not much to do when you're sick I
guess, anyway, I layed down for awhile and woke up with a
migraine (grrrrrrr), I hate migraines so much, they fuckin'
My mom and dad are out, I know most of you are asking why
I'm not doing something for that fact, and it's because I
have no life plain and simple, that sums it up WAY better
than I ever could scientifically, ha ha.So I'm here
listening to the same song OVER AND OVER again (I'd Do
Anything-Simple Plan) 'cause it's 100% completely
expressing my mood right now.It sucks, but ex boyfriends
will always haunt me :X, not the asshole ex boyfriends but
the one's I actually cared for. *Sigh* I suck.
Nikki comes back on Monday (SWEET FUCKER OF GOD!), but it
wont be 'till later, so we're going to do something
Wednesday (I had plans for Tuesday already).
I haven't hungout with Nikki for a few weeks, that's why im
writing so much about her...grrrr I miss her :(, but she's
coming home tomorrow, *WEEEEEEE*,the first Thanksgiving
where my family and I didn't get in a fight, this was a
Kodak kind of day for us, ha ha, my sister and I got in a
fight afterwards but it's all good.
Anyway, I'm gonna go, not much has happened so there's not
much to write about.
Peace, Luv Always,
Payge XXX