Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
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2002-10-14 02:59:50 (UTC)

da day of rest (hehe)!

i dont kno whuz up wit da title. (considerin' i dont
believe in god) but newayz. today is sunday. nuttin' too
excitin' happened today. hmm letz see. i went over to erinz
and i did her hair in twistiez. itz too cute. and dat whuz
da first time i've ever tried dem on sumone. im awesome. im
so proud of myself. hmm...after i got done wit her hair she
went and got on da internet. hector'z ex got online and so
i bitched her out 'bout dumpin' him. he'z hella fine. and
(need i say again) mexican!! YUMM. newayz. later dat nite i
called up hector cuz he called me yesterday and i whuz
returnin' his call. oh yea go laura. callin' peoplez back
(ha). newayz we talked for awhile. he kept askin' me if i
liked him and why i didnt cum over nemore and if i ever
thought of him. he whuz soundin' like he liked me again.
hectorz sweet and he lookz good. if he whuz like in my
grade i would prolly 1 of 3 thingz. 1.already dated him,
den dumped him. 2.been goin' out wit him or 3.be very
interested. and u kno me usually when i get interested. i
get wut i want. im conceided. oh well. hehe. i gotz lotz of
homework. i opened up my backpack and thought 'bout doin'
my homework. and ended up. watchin' sum BET. hehe im sucha
wigger. newayz dat whuz my nite. how uncomplicated and
boring. im thinkin' life is good. and life is easy and
happy! lotz of happiness. flowerz, clownz,and rainbowz.
wait! minus da clownz(kinda scary ERIN) and rainbowz(euww).
letz not get carried away laura. life is alrightbut damn
letz not be so happy. talkin' to myself. in conclusion...im
am craaazy!