Journey to Something
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2002-10-14 01:15:47 (UTC)

Sunday, October 13, 2002

this gets worse and worse. in the past week i found out
shayne told both holly and danielle about his "girl" and
that he's started smoking, but he doesn't tell me anything.
(we're not going to homecoming together because his parents
have to work ... this means me finding a date by thursday
night because holly and danielle and their dates and i are
planning on going to dinner then.)

so i was on the phone with danielle last night while she was
talking to him online, and she started bitching at him. she
kept telling him that he needed to tell me, he can't depend
on my friends to tell me shit he's responsible for. i end
up online, and he finally tells me everything.

i reacted fine to the topic of his new girlfriend, desirae,
because that doesn't bother me nearly as much as him keeping
it from me, but then he goes on to tell me about his
smoking. "holly didn't tell you?!?!?" bullshit. of course
she did, she's one of my best friends, but she shouldn't
have to. so i literally flipped out on him about it. "jimi
hendrix smoked and died at age 28. if i can get 28 jimi
hendrix years i'll be happy." what a dumbass. he has no
idea what he's doing to himself. "too much stress." my
ass. he needs somebody to talk to.

i just wish he'd realize i could be that someone.

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