lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-10-14 00:38:01 (UTC)


people really aren't allowed to misquote dumb &
dumber. it's a rule. ok??

uhh i haven't written for like a year and a half...actually,
about a week and a half but still. i've been busy & tired
& boring & what can i possibly say here that you don't
know and that is appropriate for the tender eyes of the
wee ones? that's what i thought.

today i shot my photo was really exciting. i
went to maravilla gardens, the cemetery, west
ponderosa, mission oaks park, tierra linda, heritage
trail, the baranca, almost out to pt. mugu, our little park,
and mal's parking lot...yeah, a lot of places...but
hopefully i got some good shots. it was really really
super-duper fun...and really weird, cuz i'd never been to
our cemetery before and it was crazy. it reminded me
of tuck everlasting (which we saw last night) so i got all
sad and wow. emotional day.

alright, enough out of me. gotta go run. peace out.

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