worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
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2001-08-03 04:22:13 (UTC)


While I enjoy reading about public humiliation of others,
my rational self tells me it is not something I should
engage in. But the private or semi-private type of
humiliation and degradation interests me a great deal. By
semi-private I mean sharing my humiliation verbally in a
chat room or perhaps eventually being displayed at a small
gathering of like-minded people. But now I am jumping
ahead of myself as I am yet to meet anyone face to face.
As far as private humiliation...
This tests the imaginiation. Being naked while alone isn't enough.
There must be more to it. Like having a long candle sticking out of
my ass while I walk around and do chores. Getting down on my knees,
placing my hand behind my back, and using just my nose to push an egg
back and forth across the floor a dozen times. Lying on a cold hard
table with my legs bent up and spread wide while masturbating with a
carrot and eating it afterwards. Writing degrading things on my body
(tits, stomache, thighs) like "cum slut", "slave", "worthless", "pain
slut", "ugly dog" and kneeling in front of a mirror while repeating
similar phrases for long periods of time. Having to kiss the toilet
seat or kitchen floor whenever I enter the room. Being allowed to
wear a bra but having to stuff it with ice. Wearing my painful
hanger and having to do exercises with it on, like jumping jacks and
facing a mirror to watch my tits bounce. Never being allowed to use
a chair to sit when I'm alone. Having to kneel on a broom handle and
reminding myself it is because I am nothing and my pain is
inconsequential. Only being allowed to wear panties if I wedge them
deep into me. Buying a plastic dog nose and collar and having to
wear them and only permitted to sit under a table like a dog would.
Being punished by standing naked in a corner with my nose touching
the wall. Being gagged. Forced to hold the handle of a spoon in my
mouth with an egg in the "spoon" part while kneeling for a long
period of time and being punished when it drops. Having to smack my
palms with a ruler for every typo I make while writing to SIR or
Mistress. Ordered to pull out a pubic hair every hour from
different areas of my pussy and then write which area was the most
sensitive to it. Being treated like a naughty little girl. Made to
sit on toilet with bar of soap in mouth for talking disrespectful for
forgetting to capitalize SIR. Spanking myself with one of my old
hardcover childrens books. Trying to do chores all day with a scarf
tying my ankles just inches apart (thus having to crawl up and down
stairs). Or (as punishment for cumming without permission) having to
masterbate repeatedly through my panties until they are sopping wet
and then having to suck my juices out of the crotch and use them as a
gag, or wear them on my face all day (crotch under my nose).
I suppose that is enough for now. My imagination is stretched to the
limit tonight. Of course combinations of these could be fun too.
Certainly there is much that I have not thought of. Again, while I
can think of these, I could never force myself to do them without
being specifically ordered to by a dom. Maybe I will regret having
put some of these into words. Maybe I rambled too much. Only time
will tell...

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