My Life
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2001-08-03 04:19:55 (UTC)

Dan The Drummer...

it's 12:20 in the morning, and i can't sleep. i'm just
sitting here thinking, and decided i may as well write down
what i'm thinking. As i look at the pictures on my wall i
pause and remember the memory behind each one. One
imparticular holds my gaze. It was taken the year before,
it's of me and my friend Dan. Also refered to as "Dan the
Drummer" by many because there are so many Dans. Many
people just see Dan as a hottie. And so did i for a long
time. But then we went away to a retreat sort of thing for
a week together. He is one of the most amazing human
beings i've ever met. He's smart and funny and
just...perfect in every way. Over that week we grew closer
and closer, until we spent nearly all of our time together.
Since that week i see him occasionally, we don't attend the
same school, or have any of the same friends, but i still
cannot forget him. I don't know how i didn't realize it
then, but i loved Dan. I miss him so much these days, i
haven't seen him in at least 6 months, even when i see him
things still aren't the same. I wish more than anythign we
could return to that retreat together. It was one of the
happiest times of my life and i wish we could go back

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