mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-10-14 00:00:06 (UTC)

craft fair & lil pooh too.....

well today was a very good day. right up to time that i had
to leave my sweet lisa and go too work.
This morning, lisa, nicole(pooh), and I went to a craft
fair in holyoke. we had a great time, i bout my sweetie a
nice poem that was matted and all, it was how i felt abotu
her, and i got tears in my eyes readin it. she bought me a
nice matted poem about 9/11/01 and rememberin firefighters,
(i collect fire stuff), and she also bought me a sweet lil
wrapped present filled with her love for me to carry
around , so i never forget how much she loves me. She also
got me a very beautiful pic of the flag raising at ground
zero that was done on a scroll saw it is really neat.
As for our sweet lil pooh, while we were lookin at the
stuff done on the scroll saw, there was a nice pic of twin
towers there that i said i liked , next thing i know, thhe
lil pooh buys it and gives it to me, then, just before we
are ready to leave, she disappears and comes back with a
nice fleece blanket with dalmations wearin fire helmets on
it. She is only 11, but she has a very big heart. She is
definately an angel just like her mom. I love them all,
even her brother michael, he is a toughie, but there is
good in him, i have seen it. they have had a very hard life
before me, and now i have the task of turning it all around
and letting them know what a "normal " family life is...
Before I found Lisa , i thought that i knew what true love
was , buut now that i have her , i know that i was wrong ,
and that what we have now it true love. I could never live
without my lisa , she is a true angel from God , someone
sent to guide me through the rest of my life, to watch over
me and love me the way love was ment to be.