gold fish
2002-10-13 23:42:58 (UTC)

im back

Im still really bored.. ive been tryin to sleep for the
past couple hours but i couldnt b.c. it was too light
out ..god damnit!! Ive been thinking about so much..and it
sucks.. first of all my mom called again and she was
talking about how sorry she was..and tryin to make me feel
bad but i didnt want to start n e thing so i let it by
easily... my dad told me to lie to her about something
important if she asked..so when she asked I just couldnt..
so i told her the truth but i told her not to say i didnt
lie b.c then my dad would be mad..so they kinda put me in
the middle of them and that really botherd me... I was also
thinking about alec.. becuase i know that he likes Jess and
other girls.. so i have to get over him..but I just cant..
i like him too much.. i frigin call him almost everyday...
and i joke around hittin on him and stuff.. so i think he
thinks i like him but im not sure.. and i know for a FACT
that he doesnt like me.. i kno i cant get whoever i want..
but i wish i could.. and it sucks so much!! its my mom! i
swear... and my dendrofiliac psychopathic bipolar mother! im in the
mood to go on a long walk cuz its dark out and cold..so im
love me