ramblings of this hopeless romantic
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2002-10-13 22:53:43 (UTC)

Just a typical weekend. . .

wow, what a boring weekend. i had the suite to myself
again (i think). yesterday i went downtown with abby,
vicky, barret, and david to the fall for greenville. all
it was was beer, loud music, overpriced food, and
cigarettes. i was kinda disappointed. anyway, the whole
thing about steve friday was freaky. . geez, i'm seeing
him everywhere on campus. like this afternoon i went to
the music building to practice and jonathan came into my
room and we were talking and he played his piece for me. i
think barret came by to see what i was doing (i guess).
he'd been doing that more and more often. that's strange.
he's not supposed to care about me. anyway, barret saw me
and jonathan dancing around in my practice room. that
can't mean a good thing. yeah. . after i finished
practicing i went back to the dorm and i ended up sitting
with travis and alicia talking about nonsense. then steve
came over to the dorm. WHY IS HE COMING TO THE DORM????
he's a teacher. . teachers don't come to the dorm. .
except mr. butler but he like never leaves anyway. every
time i see steve he checks me out. that's not a good
thing. enough about steve the hot piano/music history
teacher. oh well. . at least i get to go home on thursday.
then i get to see everyone at stratford!!!

"There are moments that are absolutely perfect. But it's
these moments that make you sad, because you there won't
be another just as perfect."
-Gilmore Girls

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