My So called crapy life
2001-08-03 03:53:14 (UTC)

August 2ed 2001

well today I woke up at crapy 6:30am to go running but this
time it was at the pagoda. and uck I don't know why I even
wint it was soo err there. we had to sprint up this will
and it was a path with lots of rocks and crap. and then tom
was telling me how naomi likes me and I should get with her
but I love missy. every one wants me to get with naomi but
I really don't like her that much yea she could make a good
friend but I love my missy and she is all that matters to
me she is the sun shine of my day when it's a rainy day!
well after practices of running around 5 miles I wint out
to eat breakfest with my dad and we talked alot. and then
we wint to the farmers market and christy was there and I
waved to her and she waved back and my dad is like to me wo
wo! and I was like o god.... and then I get home and wint
online for a lil and then I took a nap till 2 and I got
ready for crapy lame boring work it was 3 to 10 god is
sucked like I knew no one that came in so I had no one to
talk to it was such a drag and a long day and now I'm
writen in my online diary about my crapy dumb day but don't
worry maro's day will suck alot I got the hole day off to
do nothing but sleep!