Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-10-13 22:19:13 (UTC)


hey. last night was alot of fun. we started recording
more songs and being with the guys and friends is usually a
fun time. i got my drum tracks laid down, so i'm pretty
much outta the loop on recording. i'm excited to hear how
this is going to sound. i wish i didn't have to work a
real job and every day was like yesterday. so today kinda
bombed. me and my wife went up to the north side there and
everywhere we went was closed. there's this really cool
store i can't wait to go too and it was of course closed.
we met up with matt1 and went to some old thrift store. i
got a couple h.g. wells books. i'm a big fan of the
movie "the time machine" the old version and the new
version. now i have the book to read, finally. i went and
visited with my dad and stepmom for a while up there then
came back here. by the way, i've watched every falcons
game and decided i'm not going to watch the game today cuz
i knew they were going to lose, guess what they freakin
won. bout time. i hate when sunday comes to a close, cuz
i know i gotta get up early tomm. and work. it sucks so
bad. also, me and my wife have been playing this pin ball
game on the computer and i think we are addicted to it.
she has the high score also. me and ben decided if the
band doesn't happen, which it will. we are going to go try
out for semi pro. baseball. well that's about it. take
care, and i love the guys i play with.