Nick's Journal
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2002-10-13 19:54:55 (UTC)

Orgasms without Ejaculation

I'll have to admit I've read that tantric shit. It's
actually pretty cool, although I have to say it is full of
that hippie-minded, one-love, think of the elephant god,
while stroking your monkey, we can survey on love, but we
still need massive donations, religious bullshit.
Moreover, what it alleges is that one can have multiple
orgasm without ejaculation. To translate that into
western language, you get more orgasms for your money
instead of nutting all over yourself after 3 minutes.
now, i along with everybody else i could think of would
think that that's just stupid bullshit. i mean it's just
natural (and healthy, by god, it's healthy...atleast we
say that to dignify our infatuation with it), so how could
you not ejaculate with an orgasm?
it just doesn't seem to fit. i mean it's sorta like all
other things we experience. we link most feelings we have
with a physical source external to ourselves. for
example, we don't get the pleasure of eating without eat,
it's contingent on the we believe the same
for orgasms and ejaculation.
well up until now i pretty much thought the same, but then
i thought of something today.
i'm sure i'm not the only guy in the world that's dreamed
of having sex. sometimes i get lucky in my dreams
sometimes i don't. however, what i noticed today was
this. in my last sexual dream, i was fucking heather
graham (don't ask me why her, it was kinda weird, i'd
think it would atleast be heidi klum but hey, i won't
complain). anyhow, there i am getting my fuck on, and of
course it leads to me finally coming and boy did it feel
nice :-). disgusting right? well the actual dream isn't
the issue here. the real issues i that IT FELT NICE!
although i woke up today and wasn't stickign to my other words i experienced an orgasm
without ejaculation. and now that i think of other sexual
dreams i've experienced orgasms without ejaculation.
in my dreams, i feel the whole pleasure that i do in real
life, nothing less. so based on that i have to come to
the conclusion that the ability to "feel" an orgasm is a
completely cognitional affair. and even more importantly
this brings new meaning to the phrase, "my mind is fucking
with me".
so in other words, we don't need the physical act, because
the actual "experience" lies within our brains (see now
i'm starting to sound like that tantric guide). hhhhmmmm,
now my deal is how do i do it when i'm awake? i mean i
believe in it more now, but still, i have no idea how
to "harness my chakra power for the greater good of the
love making". crazy shit. well atleast there is some
evidence that maybe it is possible.
that's all

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