gold fish
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2002-10-13 19:11:56 (UTC)


hey today is really boring..im just sitting at home all
alone.. well my dads here but hes just watching tv and
oblivious to the world...but Friday nite Mish slept over
then Saturday (her birthday) we went to her friend Deena's
house with a few more of chelle's friends showed up then Jay
(her..person) showed up for about an hour n i just wanted to smack
him.. Michelle was upset about Jay the hole night and they got into a
big fight after he left...it was a good time..i was really tired tho..
Will and Christine had the hole night to themselves..lynds and
marissa are hangin out with billy.. i think Lynds is pissed at me
for sum reason..she never really talks to me n e more and
we havent hung out in a while..except for in school..i think she
doesnt like me because im to much of a scumbad for her..well fuck
that.. I was supposed to go dress shopping with jess for homecoming
even tho im not goin.. but now im not cuz shawn wants to go.. like
what the hell.. no effense but thats like a girl thing... i dunno
what his problem is.. but i havent hung out with jess either in a
while cuz..shes really busy with band and all of shawns
things.. so i dunno.. but im definatley in a bad mood..i
guess ill write back later... bbye -love me-

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