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2002-10-13 18:40:56 (UTC)

Entry #1


This is my diary... I have other diaries under a different
name, but this diary is special... it's my dark diary. A
diary where I can spill my blood and reveal all my nasty
little secrets. I have more than you know... I'm a really
fucked up boy.

So, here's the main reason I've started this diary. I'm
dating a woman named Ines... a beautiful, loving, and
affectionate woman...
Also... I started talking to my ex-boyfriend a few days
ago... and... we still love each other. We've made love the
last two nights, we've cuddled and held each other close,
sleeping in each other's arms... his name is Ben...

Ines knows I'm talking to Ben again, but she has no idea
what's really going on. She's head over heels in love with
me... I love her to death, but not the same way she loves

Ben is also seeing another boy... this boy knows I'm Ben's
ex, but I'm sure he doesn't know about what's really going
on either... Ben loves this boy more than me, I think...
But I do love him...

So, I'm keeping this diary to keep track of my affair. Pass
judgement if you will, I care not. Put yourself in my shoes
and see what you'd do.

The Male Hester Prynne - Gothic_Bishie