The Life of an Angel
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2001-08-03 02:58:40 (UTC)

Oh Brother!!

I went to Caty's house on Tuesday night. Well, actually
it was about 5 in the afternoon. When I got there, I
cleaned they're room. A big mess!! When I was done, Erica
called. She was like, "You been there for how long and you
haven't called me?" Caty got home and I gave her, her
present. She liked it. It was this brush set for make-up
(Caty's a big make-up freak) and a cute flower
That's when Kristin and Erica came over. Kristin gave her
20 bucks in ones and Erica also did the same. They also had
this big box of Skittles for her. She was so HAPPY!! She
loves Skittles!! They also made cookies!! Erica is the best
baker... Then we went with Kristin and Erica to go give
Thorn and Kyle some cookies. I saw Grant and I see that he
is ugly.. I thought he was cute, but it was at night when I
saw him. Now I see, that he is...ugh..
Caty and I went back to her house and pretty much did
nothing. I saw the cheerleading video. It was tight. There
were some dances that were really cute. I better learn at
least one... The next day, Caty and I did so many errands.
I saw some cuties that I know and yeah... We went to
norstorms and got some clothes for Hawaii... Caty's going
to Hawaii for the football team. You know, the cheerleaders
have to go support the boys....
My mom came and got me round 10 and you know what??? Rod
is living with us now!! Cany ou believe that?? I mean...
ugh. He's so quiet, I tried to talk with him, but he don't
talk or something. At least he's going to help my mom with
the rent...
Today went to the interview. It went great. The women
said, "Well, I'll call you back when we find a position for
you." So that means, I have the job, when they call back.
I'm so happy. I hope they call back soon though. I really
want some money for school... You know what?? I'm feeling
so good bout myself. Yesterday, I put this sleeveless shirt
on and everyone was like, "Have you lost weight?" Well, I
hope so... Today, my mom went to go get her nails done and
this guy told me that he thought I was pretty... yeah, made
me happy, but why can't Eric think that?? I hope he does
when we go back to school...
Now that we are on the school subject, guess who I saw at
Walmart today? I saw C.J, my.. hehe.. elementary boyfriend.
I didn't notice him at first til, I looked up and saw that
he was looking at me. I didn't say anything, I just went to
see his nametag to see if it said C.J and it did. I was
like, "OMG". I didn't tell him anything. I just looked and
went out. I couldn't believe I saw him. Haven't seen him
since 5th grade. I think he remembers me too. I hope so
because if we work together, I would like to talk with