my deranged lyfe
2002-10-13 17:48:08 (UTC)

wasted time

w.e happened to our relationship?
w.e happened to the days we would spend sitting around,
getting soaked,
buying candy,
skating around,
the cow jokes,
trips to riteaid and jack n the box,
my village,
my room,
truth or dare in my backyard,
the simple yet interesting aim convos,
the annoying and random hugs i secretly enjoyed,
fishing things out my own shirt b.c for you it was so
tempting to throw something in,
saving me from something you unknowingly caused,
stealing things out of your garage just to see you,
long hours spent eating junk in your garage...wishing to be
let inside,
w.e happened to our friendship?
fuck you for wasting a year of my life.
i hate you