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2002-10-13 17:10:01 (UTC)

Sunday,October,13/2002------------Thanksgiving for my Family.

I've decided to change things and update my life daily on
Via E-mail (I believe thats what you call it!), ha ha, I'm
blonde, atleast I admit it.
Anyway, in my family we celebrate Thanksgiving the day
before the actual day. Why? Here's what my mom said when I
asked her "So we can pick at the turkey all day the next
day." See, this would be good if you LIKE turkey, but I
don't :S. Its icky and gross....stupid turkey *shakes
fist*, anyway I'm feeling a bit better today :D SHIT I
FORGOT MY PILL, for those who dont know I'm quite
disgustingly sick (something's wrong with a major glan,
causing me to get dizzy and faint, my right tonsil's
swollen, there's something wrong with the right part of my
jaw, my neck and upper back muscle tissue is fucked causing
me to get migraines, 2 other things I'm being tested for I
can't remember/spell, I have a low heartrate.)
So my weekend has SUCKED, especially since I was supposed
to go to a party last nite, oh well...drugs and drinking,
something I can't do with my pills :X, I actually was
considering quitting drugs *clears throat*, but I've faced
reality and learned to accept the fact that I wont. Ha ha,
I don't have a drug problem....
Anyway, Every Thanksgiving FUCKS UP at my house, people
bitch at eachother, everyone's an asshole, the whole 9
yards of spoiling a day. But i'll write more later, there's
not much to write about at 11 in the afternooon....EXCEPT I
Peace, Luv Always,
Payge XXX

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