my deranged lyfe
2002-10-13 16:49:58 (UTC)


ok lately ive been noticing a lot of things. for one thing
all my friends at school have been ignoring me. i mean ill
start this convo with one and shell just start talking to
another one of my friends in the middle of what i was
saying. and that other person always looks at me with a
look of disgust on her face. when we go to football games
they all walk together and just leave me out behind them. i
mean i have other friends to hang out with- i doubt theyd
even notice if i went and hung out with them. but i just
wanna know why the hell they are doing this.
then another thing is: this one guy that i thot i was
friends with...all of sudden he doesnt want to talk to me.
i walked by him the other day and he threw something at me.
i laughed it off b/c its the sort of thing he would do for
a laugh from me. but then i walked away and saw him do it
to another person. i dunno if hes stuck in 3rd grade or
what. i hear things about him that make it hard for me to
believe that i was once friends with him. i used to hang
out with him everyday and now i dont even see him at lunch.
its kinda upsetting.
then another friend... your prob reading this rite? thats
the great thing about this. your so called friends can read
about whats in your head and then bag about you to other
ppl. well jess.. i didnt mean anything by what i sed
yesterday. im just sick of hearing you say that. the whole
halloween thing is b/c you know i hate kyleigh...and i sed
maybe. i dunno yet. maybe its time we spend a little time
apart. i mean i like hanging out with you and all but the
way your acting lately is reminding me that you are two yrs
younger than me. its time i found more friends my age. i
still love ya. and its not like im just dumping you all of
a sudden but...i dunno. maybe ill cya next week. you could
still come over fiday for the game if we are still talking
by then. anyway i gotta go get soem chow. btw-halloween did
suck, i havent even finished silence of the lambs but i
gotta see red dragon. anyone wanna c it with me? gimme a