Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-10-13 16:40:18 (UTC)

Tracking Rock For The Masses

Ok so being in a band isn't what all of you think. We spent
15 hours yesterday recording drums, bass, and guitar for 4
songs. And we aren't even done with guitar, but we should
be by Monday night. Then all that will be left is keyboard,
vocals, percussion, and just some odds and ins. I am so
tired. I only got 5 hours sleep. I hate that I can't ever
sleep.....EVER! Sometimes I take my band for granted but
our new stuff is going to sound amazing. And I am truly
happy to be recording with these 4 guys(5 if you include
Marc who is the glue). Today I am going to go shopping with
Joel and then tonight everyone is going to the Copeland,
Side Walk Slam, Huntington show. I can't wait I love those
guys. But thats it for news from me other than the fact
that for some reason my wrist is killing me. I just hope I
can either get some sleep or get my second wind. I love my