Personally Me
2001-08-03 02:25:57 (UTC)

this can't be healthy!

That guy alex, well i can't stop thinking about him! i want
to be with him so bad. there have only been two ppl that i
have wanted to BE with and thats alex and matt. but with
alex its different than from with matt. i mean i see alex
more and i really like him! he is the only guy that can
make me laugh about my problems and make me feel better.
he has this great personalyity that is amazing. tonight i
went star gazing and saw a shooting star, i wished that
alex and i could be together someday. he is such a flirt
but then again so am i but i mean we are all over eachother
and i know he has a girl friend but she is leaving august
28 and i am staying forever. i would...really...wait as
long as it would take to be with him! its just really hard
likeing someone like this! it can't be healthy likeing
someone to the point where 24/7 i wanna talk to him and see
him. i really like this kid! i really want to be with this
kid. i think that i have fallen head over heels for him. i