KoRn4293's Mind
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2002-10-13 09:51:13 (UTC)

me me and me

sheesh, i like havent written in this thing for... ages,
well so much has happend to me, not all good but i now have
the murderdolls album which i must say rules. ive also
become all sad and sepressed as is seems i used to be the
biggest known korn fan in our skool, i was know and korn
freak and stuff like that, not i wont wear my hoodie and i
dont even listen to korn much and whats worse.... jonathan
davis no longer turnes me on :( seems i have joey jordison
for that now! and boy is he hot, he looks so good without
his mask on, well i sepent all day yesterday trying to set
up a new email account [email protected] and
now have yahoo messenger, hotmail kinda messes me about
freezes and sad shit like that! i spent a few day working
on another poem which has turned out preety neat ill add it
soon 4 ppl to read, if ppl read this! i have so much to say
i just dont have the time to type it all out! ahhh,

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