My Life
2001-08-03 01:57:19 (UTC)

Oh God I Love Him...

So, i saw brad yesterday! it was the first time i'd seen
him in like 2 weeks...oh my god i missed him so much. I
know i said that i really liked that guy from work (Darryl)
but seeing brad just made darryl leave the picture
totally! I mean, the fact that brad has that power over's just not healthy...and i know that, i really do,
but i can't help myself. i just luv him so much i don't
know what to do! I mean sometimes he acts like he wants us
to hook up...and then other times he acts like i'm just one
of the guys...and i'd really like to know what he sees me
as. He knows how i feel about him but he still leaves me
hanging there. i know i need to ask him what's up between
us but i'm such a wimp i can't! And i'm not gonna see him
again till like tuesday because him and dave are away in
sarnia for stupid baseball! and they aren't even gonna be
here the weekend i leave for camp cuz of ontario' sux
bad!! ugh i really don't know what to do. i mean laura
emailed him and asked him what was up between us and he
never even replied, even after i told him she was pissed at
him for not replying! that's just i really
need to know what's oging on...cuz i really luv him and i
want this to work out so badly becuz i've liked him for
like over a year and i've just been hurt so much in the
past i really need him...ugh i dont know what to do...I'm
going to watch tv...