Kitty Maxwell

Sea of Ice
2001-08-03 01:46:49 (UTC)

tears of blood...

hey i know i havent been writting my story but i have huge
writters block. but today i totallt hate my life. See i
have this curse on me, that when ever i let some one close
to me they have to move away. First was my best friend
Breanna. then it was my friend Stephany, then it was Nikki,
then Tom, Jenna's going away to Berkly. And now Ben. its
not a for sure thing yet... but i cant help but be
hopeless. i cant loose him... i love him so much, i dont
even remember life befor him... its so.... (excuse me, im
wipping away my tears...) i dont know... NOT FAIR!!!!! why
am i cursed with this!!! i was once told that opposites
attract, the sun and the stars can never be seen at the
same time but they are in love. and they only sit in sarow
as they watch each other from a distance. i hate my
life.... ill start on my story as soon as i get an idea...
bye for now...