I have become comfortably numb
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2002-10-13 07:02:17 (UTC)

The Way You Make Me Feel

Today was a over all good day. I spent the first part of
the day with my niece, and then I spent the rest with my
family. My best girl friend amanda, who is my sister (no
like about it), my best guy friend chad, who is my brother,
and of course my baby Jeremy, (my future husband, if things
go the way I hope they will.) That's who I spend most of
my time with. They are the people I can tell anything and
everything to. Just being with them makes me happy.
Especially my baby Jeremy. I never thought I could ever
love anyone as much as I love him. It's not even love, it
is so much more than I could ever explain or even try to
put into words. It's like, when he is around, there is
nothin else, just me and him. That is all that matters.
Not the bullshit in my life or his, or our past or even the
future we both hope to have together. It's just me and him
now. Whenever I need him he is there, whenever I want him,
he is with me in one way or another. He is my angel, my
air that I breath, the blood flowing through my veins, he
is my life. And I feel great about that, b/c I know he
feels the same way about me. I have never needed, wanted
and loved someone so much and them feel the same way about
me. But he loves me just as much as I love him. Ok, for
example two days ago, was a terrible day for both of us,
more worse for him b/c of a anniversary, we both thought
about suicide, but the thought of the other person and
their loved stoped us. Because of him, I put my knife down
and I didn't cut myself which is what I always do, when
things get bad. It's my relief from the pain. But now, my
relief from my pain is him. He is absolutely everything to
me in the world and I don't know what I would do without
him, and I hope I never have to find out either. Well,
that is all for now. So till next time. I'm gone.

Love Ya's

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