Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
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2002-10-13 05:12:10 (UTC)


iight yesterday whuz friday and i white to da moviez and
saw brown sugar. it whuz da cutest movie. it whuz kinda
like luv and basketball but without da basketball it whuz
too cute. so go see it. hehe. "movie adviced" by laura
hill. haha newayz. tonite whuz homecoming. josh asked me so
i said yes. well, at school we never really planned it and
den like yesterday im like i better call him. but guess wut
he didnt have a phone. i kno!! how could neone live witout
a phone? i dunno. but i never got a chance to talk, to
him 'bout it. i just thought i'd meet him up der. so me,
jenn, steph, mark, bobby, mandy, and eric went to jenn'z
got ready, took sum picz, and den we went to applebee'z to
get "sum grub" hehe (so silly) after dat we went to da
dance. and guess who never showed up? my date, ur
wonderin'? ding ding ding. u r correct. u win a total of
100 pointz. im stupid. newayz. ha. umm, so i whuz basically
just der by myself. so i thought i'd take advantage of it.
just doin' wut i pleazed. i danced wit zane who whuz
lookin' adorable! awww. and den i danced wit cody. (my ex)
and he whuz bein' so sweet. and he'z like "laura if ya ever
wanna cum back im here" and he whuz look hella good. damn.
and den i danced wit gage like 3 or 4 timez. he is too cute
and he'z really nice. i dunno he really easy to talk to ya
kno. i dunno. i mite be crushin' on him next. hehe. well, devin stayed outta my way. which is good cuz
if she would have said one word to me i would haved dropped
her ass right der on da dance floor. i dunno, taken off my
shoe and beat her ova da head wit it. haha. i dunno. but
she didnt start shit so i left her alone. well when i whuz
dancin' wit peoplez jason kept given me dis like kinda sad
lookz. i dunno if he still into me or wut? he looked
jealous. and he didnt look too happy to be wit devin. i
dunno? allz i kno is guyz were never confusin' 'til jason
came along. well da whuz pretty much my nite. and yes erin
i took sum picz and i will be showin' u dem. yay! iight i
kno dis mite sadden u (mayb een bring ya to tearz) but i
haved ran outta wordz for today. so im out!