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2002-10-13 05:11:38 (UTC)

"She said, 'I know what it feels to be dead'"

Gosh, sometimes I wish my life would just START in the
right gear and head towards the right direction. WithOUT
any turns or scared deer in the way.

I've had the thought of Heath in my mind ever since that
one day for a high school orientation. I thought he would
be the perfect guy for me, and I would be the perfect girl
for him. Hm... well, it never really happened to be so

Fate has a funny way of working. Sometimes it totally
ignores you and sometimes it is on your side like the sun
on your back. Today is one of those "lucky" days. Through
the grape vine, I heard some news about Heath. Yes, some
gossip. He just may have some sort of liking towards me.
(yay!) Gosh, I hope this works out.

Ugh, can you believe I have never even truly held hands
with a boy? It's crazy, I know. In this day and age,
girls my age have been so much "farther" than me.


She's a Sexy Sadie/handed with everything she pleases/ her
palms, worn from carrying all those desires/ She's a Sexy
Sadie/a ravenous dark haired courtesan, taking what her
appetite craves/ pick and choose, throw away the unwanted,
she's a Sexy Sadie/burgeoning chaps want her, green-eyed
girls envy her/ she's a Sexy Sadie

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