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2001-01-24 20:22:23 (UTC)

I was in the club the other..

I was in the club the other night when I saw him again! He
was standing at the bar downstairs. I walked by him, I
didn't even notice he was standing there. But he grabbed my
arm. I couldn't remember his name for shit! Whoops!!N-E-
Ways, I was with the family so I went upstairs with them.
He came up there and went up in the D.J.'s booth and just
stood there looking at me. Damn he looks good. So then he
left and I went to look for him but I couldn't find him.
Then we left and went to another club and there he was.
Hmmm... and I thought i'd never see him again.LOL. Well I
did and now I see him all of the time. I feel bad. I was
pretty rude to him and he was a really nice guy. I wasn't
trying to be serious with him. We just hung out at the
club. So if he doesn't like me i kinda understand. He's a
really good dancer too. ; )***** I just think it's funny to
see guys get all worked up and shit. It's just a game to me.