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2002-10-13 03:43:36 (UTC)

well life is always the same. i..

well life is always the same. i still really like the guy
that i met online. we talk about how we are going to get
married. i must be like a cat in heat or something
though. i can't seem to go anywhere without some guy
hitting on me. like just acouple days ago i went to Bob
Evans to eat with my mom and grandma. well this bus-boy
starts flirting with me. now i admit i did give him a
couple glances because he was kinda cute but that's not the
point of this little story. when we get ready to leave
he's standing there holding the door open for me. i go to
wait outside while my mom and grandma go to the restroom.
well he hands me a napkin with his number on it asks what
my name and number is and told me his name. it's like this
everywhere i go. well i'm gonna go. if you stay posted
with my diary you'll get to read the beginning of my novel.

just me,