can't fight the moonlight...
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2002-10-13 03:40:49 (UTC)


what the hell is w/ the keyboard being so dirty? i mean,
its just gross. is it cuz people always seem to eat at the
computer, or dust or what? its just icky.
saw tuck everlasting tonight w/ sarah. definitley cute.
alexis bledel was good, josh jackson was cute. i have to re-
read the book though...i remember liking it in 6th grade! 6
years ago...wow. ok, will not think of that!
jesse's having a b'day party tomorrow...well, amanda is
throwing him a surprise bday/halloween party. i'm a
hooker. :) short skirt, white shirt w/ red bra that makes
me look like i've got a chest, red fishnets, come fuck me
boots, hoopy earings...what am i forgetting? oh the boa!
its slutty and i love it. wonder what rin will be? god, get
over yourself eve! gotta stop doing shit for sardou/rin.
i'm not really, i'd be dressing up like this anyway
but..well, whatever. SO dont' feel like getting into it
now. again. whatever.
should go to sleep. sleep is usually good.