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my submissive life
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2002-10-13 02:53:10 (UTC)

Punishment session

i stand naked before the Disciplinarian, wearing only a collar around my neck. i was sent here for a punishment session. He attaches a lesh to my collar, pulls me down to my hands and knees, and leads me crawling around the studio. He leads me to a small wooden stool that i can just lay across with my hands and knees still touching the ground. He ties my wrists and knees to the legs of the stool. My head hangs over the edge but He tells me i must hold it up for the duration of my punishment.

He says i will be warmed up with the paddle. The paddle is small and made of wood, it only covers a very small portion of my ass. He sits on a chair beside me and starts swatting my ass at random with the instrument. Sometimes He target one spot on my ass and hits it repeatedly for a full minute until it is bright red and bruised. He also lifts my ass cheeks up so He can target the sensitive spot where my ass meets my thighs. At first it stings, then it becomes a low steady ache. This goes on at least 15 minutes until my entire ass is throbbing and there are tears in my eyes.

The actual punishment begins with the bamboo cane. It is long and flexible and delievers a burning a sting. He walks in circles around me lecturing me on my misbehaviors, accenting the occassional point with a crack of the cane to my unprotected ass. i try not to cry out, but a small grunt escapes my lips with each bite of the cane. When the lecture is over, He stands behind and takes a few practice swings before laying into me. The cane cuts across my entire ass, i cannot see it, but i know it leaves a welt. He methodically stripes my entire ass, including the backs of my thighs. i am crying freely now. He begins lecturing me again and as He speaks he targets just one of my ass cheeks from varying directions. His caning becomes sporatic and unpredictable so i cannot prepare for the blow. i am sobbing uncontrollably having learned my lesson. But the session isn't over.