Electric monkey
2001-08-02 23:44:26 (UTC)

i miss Cardboard...

Went running around town with everyone today [anna,
jessica, jonathan, and pat]. it was fun, but a lot of
walking. went to the best record store in b-town. saw this
nirvana record that i would kill to have. too bad i dont
have 22 bucks, it'd be mine. oh, and they had a weezer cd
that looked awesome. had all the acoustic and b sides and
stuff. that was 20 bucks too, so i didnt get that either. i
pitched in what money i had, which was 2 bucks, to buy a
Frogs CD though. we listened to it while we were driving
around and i was laughing so hard, at some of the songs,
but most of them were just really gross and perverted.
I came home around 5 today, and played some more guitar,
just stuff i know already. no need to learn anything else
for a while, until i perfect the ones im working on now.
[under the bridge, stairway to heaven, and the new one;
Time of your life.] ive noticed that if im working really
really hard on playing i kinda do crappy, but if i sit
there for a minute and relax, then pick up my guitar, and
just play, i do pretty good. seems to be working.
Im listening to the famous Cardboard right now. they are
getting there. people in chicago are liking them, and in
colorado, and of course here in b-town. the biggest fans
are here. i miss going to their shows...=( i want to be
there standing by the speakers, slightly moving on my feet
to the beat.. as soon as they get back they should play, if
not a real show, they should just play for us big fans
here. maybe if i ask they'll do it, probably not, oh well.
i leave to go camping tomorrow, so ive got to pack up
again. maybe i should just leave all my shit packed all the
time, so that i wouldnt have to bother with packing all the
time. hehehe... sounds good, but probably wont happen.
I want to move to Nova Scotia now. sounds nice, and i like
it there, for some reason. oh wait, its cold there, thats
why. i hate the heat of summer, bleh. cant wait to go jump
in the lake, sounds nice. show off my belly button bar bell
again, haha... yeah.
so i think im gunna head out, i want to start writing in
this thing more. my goal is to write more then last month.
see ya.

ps- to the guy that messaged me, thanks!