The Crumb That Fell
2002-10-13 02:05:51 (UTC)

The List of Death

October 12 - 9:55 PM

1) This sniper in Maryland scares the hell out of me. I'm
not gonna lie. It's sad when you can't even drop your kid
off at school without worrying if he's gonna get shot.

2) I had a much-awaited visit with my good friend Smokey
this afternoon. Poor girl... she misses her main man.

3) So Tori Amos is touring, huh? That makes me happy. I

4) The only thing better than watching Harry Potter is
watching it in Spanish.

5) I don't like that one girl in Rules of Attraction
because she got to make out with Heath Ledger. That's not

6) I think I'm done with worrying/caring about pretty much
everything. In a way that's pretty depressing, but in a way
it's also nice. It gives me less to think about.

7) I'd rather kill myself than step another foot into
work. But (referring to #6) I don't really care enough to
go out and look for another job.

8) I miss a lot of things. Too many to mention.