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2001-08-02 23:14:15 (UTC)

Peter Daniels Art 492 Summer..

Peter Daniels
Art 492 Summer ‘01
Keith Shapiro

I chose to photograph objects under the condition of
extreme zoom. The objects I chose were all things I found
around my apartment. Most of them are very recognizable and
some are things that people deal with everyday. The objects
are shot in such a way that they become unrecognizable and
are simply abstract images that let the viewer’s mind
wander and create his/her own picture.

I began simply photographing objects up close. This
produced a lot of interesting images. As I was shooting I
decided to shoot the objects from a normal viewing distance
also. I was interested in the relationship between the
abstract images and a more traditional image of the same
object. Having both, the abstract and the representational
presented together creates an opportunity for the viewer to
relate the two images which are actually the same object. I
then decided to see if by combining multiple objects in the
same image shot from an even further distance if I could
again create an image that was nonrepresentational and
abstract again. I was not satisfied with how these shots
turned out however my objects were limited.

After taking many pictures of objects up close I began to
quickly realize which types of objects would produce more
attractive images. I was able to distinguish between
objects that would produce images that were less
interesting and objects that would produce images that were
more interesting.

I feel that I was able to successfully translate the 3D
objects into 2D abstract images. In some cases the image
produced take on a photogram quality.

The depth of field I was had when shooting these images was
minuscule. The slightest movement in any direction would
knock the object out of focus. Most of the time there is
only one point on the picture that is in sharp focus.

Light was a very important factor in these images. I used a
light bulb which I moved around the objects to highlight
certain areas of the objects. The light in some cases draws
attention to an area that might have been over looked.
Either because that area is in a highlight of that area is
in shadow next to a highlighted area.

In the printing of the close up shots of the objects I
varied the style depending on the image. Some images are
highly contrasted. Others maintain a more similar range of
tones. Each picture creates its own mood depending on the
shapes within the image and the qualities brought forward
during printing

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