The White Rose
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2001-08-02 23:07:18 (UTC)

Things that you learn......

I learned lots of useful things today. Which is good,
because over all I did nothing else!

Firstly I learned that copying five gigs worth of files
over a 100 MegaBit network takes a really, really long
time. I set the copying off at about 11:30, and it didn't
finish until past 5pm.
I also learned that in the future if I have any network
problems I am going to look them up on the net before I
start randomly guessing at the causes. If I had done this
today I could have fixed my problem in ten minutes, instead
of the six hours it took.
Finally I learned that its pretty easy to convince people
to be helpful if you approach them in the right way. I
relied on the goodwill of almost every member of staff
today, and not once did I get yelled at for any faults. I
think if I had gone round attempting to throw my weight
around then I would not have got half as far as I did.

Anyway - the whole problem was sorted by the time I left
work (about two hours after I had planned to!) and tomorrow
everyone will be happy bunnies, which is (sad to say) what
I live for.

My one remaining 'big' problem is that in a week and a day
I have to give a talk on what I studied on a course I went
to at the start of July. (The reason 'big' is in quotes is
I know this is not really a serious problem. When there are
people living on the streets, people starving, countries on
the brink of civil war and so on my problems seem pretty
small by comparison. However it is a big problem to me, and
since this is my diary....). I really don't want to do it -
I hate talking in public, (Odd, given that I write so much
in here), and despite the fact our DM thinks I am pretty
good at doing presentations I think I am maybe the worst
teacher I know. (But there are things causing me to rethink
this. Yesterday I explained a lot of Delphi stuff to a non-
delphi programmer and he understood it, and today I helped
a lot of staff with programming problems, and they all
appeared to be happy). However I can not get out of this -
it was part of the reason I was picked to go on the course.
So over the next week I have to plan what I can say, and
what I can demonstrate. (I want to borrow a PC from work to
set up some examples, and to practice on so nothing goes
really horribly wrong!).

Finally I am listening to the Pirates Of Penzance. I went
down to London for a hospital appointment last week, and
was listening to a production I was in during my 'sixth
form years' (some ten years ago now. I really am getting
old!). Its on tape, and I only have a CD player at work. So
I went on-line (And shopping on line is a wonderful thing)
and found a copy of the complete operetta (with all the
speaking in between as well). I have just got to the end of
Act 1. Its truly wonderful, and I think I will spend a lot
of time in work listening to this. (Did I mention that?
Maybe one of the best things about this job is the fact I
am allowed to listen to music while I program. I know it
doesn't sound like a lot, but with PH babbling on across
the desk and KB generally interupting every single
conversation going, being able to tune it all out and sink
in to a word full of music is so relaxing. I think if they
banned this it might make me consider moving jobs - that's
how much I like it!!).

I am the very model of a modern major-general
I've information animal, vegatable and mineral
I know the kinds of england, and I quote the fights
From Marathon to Waterloo in order categorical.
I'm very well acquainted too with matters mathematical
I understand equations both of simple and quadratical
About bi-nomial theorm I am teaming with a lot of news....

Hmmm. "Lot of news"? "LOT OF NEWS"? Oh yeah....

With many cheerful facts about the square of the