Jessica's Daily Life :)
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2000-10-30 23:28:19 (UTC)

I m Jessica Leigh. And I have..

I'm Jessica Leigh. And I have been wanting to start an online diary
for people to read for a long time now! I'm 15 1/2 and my birthday
is March 31st. So tomorrow will be exactly 5 months until I get the
long awaited LICENCE!! Yay!! My parents are buying me a VW Cabrio or
a Jeep Wrangler Sport so i'm really excited about turning 16! My
main reason for writing right now is I think I've fallen in love!
Yea, that sounds hilarious. You're probably asking yourself right
now..."Who does she think she is...she probably doesn't even know
what love is." Well I'm thinking the same thing myself. I don't
know what's going through my head right now but all I know is to
right it down! I started talking to him towards the end of July. He
used to work with the guy i was dating at the time. His name is Hugo
and he's 20! Again, you're probably thinking you wanna tell me to
get out of whatever i'm in while i still can! But it's not that
way! He's honestly a wonderful guy. The thing that's so special
about us is that all we do is talk. I haven't had that with too many
guys. Most of them just wanna get it on. I'm sure Hugo will when we
actually start hanging out. But I'm attracted to his personality and
who he is and where he's going in life. I've got one picture of him
and that's all i need to know that he's an amazing guy. He's a
guitarist of a local band. And he's working on a journalism major.
We've really hit it off throughout the past couple months. I'm
really hoping for the best with him. I'm off to youth group now so
i'll write sometime later!

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