Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2002-10-12 23:43:12 (UTC)

wrong teacher, bat mitzvah

do u ever hav one person that says something and evoryone
dissarees with them. there the only ones that think there
right ye? that really gets me off becuase for 2 weeks now
ive beenbhaving this continuouse argument with my reading
techer. i'm not gonna go on about what it is about but
anyway i kno that she's wrong about what she's saysing.
she's teacing false info. the whole class and other
teachers and my parents all disagree with her and think
she's wrong. so in class when she mentions it i go off and
get really pissed becuase i kno that she's wrong and it
pisses me off, i could proove to her she's wrong, but thten
for the rest of the year she would be on my bad side. i
dont want her to yell at me anymore like she does ion
class. i cant help it though becuase it really really
pisses me off, i kno that she wrong and she wont shut up
about it. somehow i'm going to proove to her that she's
wrong, i kno i will, i'll print out info from the internet.
then i'll show it too her in class, thats what i'll do and
then she'll feel like such an idiot. ha!
anyway my bat mitzvah's this up comming weekend and
i'm soo nerviouse mostely becuase i have all this hebrew to
read and it's really very hard, ive got it all mostely
memorized bue i keep mkaing litle mistakes and i dont wanna
do it infront of evoryone. when i make i mistake i make it
obviouse, i just have an uncanny way of doing that. when i
make a mistake evoryone will know, ive been precticing like
crazy, but ti's not enougfh, well i'll just hopw for the
best. i cant wait till the party though it's going to be
awsome, all of my friends together. Garrett said he cant
come but i think in reality he doesent want to come. oh
well, i really wanted him to be there though i'll tell him
l8ter. cory's comming too though and that'l be awsome. he
really is a great guy, i just wish he was'nt so shy, it
gets on my nervs.