A Princess
2001-08-02 22:21:35 (UTC)

Day thinger me bobber....

GRRR Jess just said o-town are ugly, well kinda, lil freak
doesnt know whats shes onabout,lol she acts like shes so bad
and i remember her argueing acting like she was better than
me and even mike admits shes a minger,not that I cant
talk but hey lol I saw a real pic of mike! He
looks...different than I expected him to be, i thought hed
be a lil kid but hes not actually. I found out that in 97 I
killed an old guy!LMAO, I'll tell u about it later honey...
SOOOOOOOOO many really great people are gonna be at this
concert, hear'say YAY! Im thinking about buying a top saying
popstar for the might not be able to go for SO
unfair reasons, I'll tell ya if it happens :( Regatta on sat
did I tell u already?Cant wait free day 2moro, me n kelly r
gonna go catcha film 2moro, dr.dolittle2,hehe....Nothin much
happening,UMMMMMMMM Chris is back so soon, but no envelope,
I knew it would never come,lol....Well better go Love ya'z

P.S I need some more clothes and my nails done...ahhh (soz
chris i need them done, after i told u i wouldnt,lol)