Inside Me
2002-10-12 23:11:01 (UTC)

My slow day

Well, I kinda slept in, and got up when I wanted to. Then I
munched on things all day, because there really wasn't a
major meal to eat, until supper, and we tried the place out
my boss likes. Which now my family doens't want anything to
do with Sharkys, as far as their subs go. We liked them
until they changed their bread, and thats why we like this
place now. I've been mesing around with the new things on
the computer, but we still need to transfer the old drives
or whatever, so we can each get back what we had. We have
umm shoot whats it called, Basically you have your own
settings, and you just log off when you're done. EXP maybe?
I'm llike not in a bad or sad mood today, just dull you
could say I suppose. I don't know what I'll wear for church
tomorrow, hmmmm. I have to save up and go shopping for some
skirts. Well I guess that all and I"ll end here. Goodnight