2002-10-12 22:15:04 (UTC)

Happy :)

Yay peoplez I fixed my computer!! Well except my CD
Burner. Damn that thing. It doesnt want to work. Iunno
what to do anymore. Well yesterday me and my babez and
Jose and Betty went to the movies we watched BarberShop
that shit was funny. Well my lil sister took her bed out
of my room and moved it in to my moms room. I still dont
know whats new with my dad. Iunno if hes even out yet
which I doubt because if he was he would have sent someone
for his shit already. Well today I woke up late to go to
school and I had to call my cousin so she could take my. I
really didnt do much at school, cuz they took the science
test thingy and I dont have a science class so I just
kicked it pretty much all day. Which wasn't that bad. And
now im home and yeah its boring. Today I am not going to
be able to do anything because I promised my mom that if
she took care of the girls for me to go out yesterday that
I would take care of them today so that she could go out.
Well yesterday after-school I went to Freddy's house and
it was so funny because his mom started tripping on him
because she didnt recognize me. It was funny. Hey I guess
I did make a good first impression. :). Hopefully he makes
a good impression on my mom. He will. Wellz peoplez Thats
all the newz I have for now. And to all those people that
filled out the survey thingy and sent it back. Thanx